Essay On Charles Manson

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It all began on November 12, 1934, Charles Milles Maddox also known as Charles Manson, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. To many people in the late 1960’s, hell was born on that date. His father, Walker Scott, left his mother when Charles was young. His mother Kathleen Maddox was a prostitute and an alcoholic, a reason why she had Charles while she was sixteen-years old. A few years after Charles was born, Kathleen married a man named William Manson. The marriage between Kathleen and William didn’t last long enough, however the “Manson” name remained in Charles life. Charles was always following his mother, but his mother did not care about him. For this reason, Charles ran away from home and began surviving life by committing petty crimes. The…show more content…
Although the group consisted of both sex, female was the larger percentage of the group. Charles recruited individuals that had similar passion for drugs as him, drugs such as LSD and mushrooms. He also recruited people who had a dysfunctional family like he did when he was younger. Many of his followers believed he was a prophet who knew judgment day. After gathering his followers, Charles and “The Family,” moved to southern California. Throughout the recruiting process, Charles never lost hope in creating a music career. Although he did not succeed in building that music career, he did meet Dennis Wilson from the “Beach Boys.” The Beach Boys did record one of Charles’ songs in which appeared in their 20/20 album. Due to this acquaintance relationship between Charles and one of the Beach Boys, many people believed that the Beach Boys were a part of Charles murders. After moving to San Fernando Valley in southern California, Charles Manson would gather all of his followers every night and sang his songs to them and preach around a bon fire. In many interviews, most of his followers stated that Charles never mentioned about murdering anyone in the first few months. It wasn’t until a few days before Sharon Tate’s murder that
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