The Negative Consequences Of Cheating Among College Students

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Cheating is one of the major worldwide concerns, continually expanding throughout college students nowadays. Is it a serious issue to be worried about? Without a doubt it is a bad habit, regardless of the cheater’s satisfaction, it is not fair for the other hard workers who study hard to gain high grades. Students often tend to cheat because of their low capability to score like other students. Recently, many students in the Middle-East started using this bad habit to make sure that they will graduate with a high score. Cheating does not occur because of students' low academic ability, but rather because they do not want to risk affecting their academic status by getting low grades. In addition, the high pressure that students face while studying can lead them to cheat. Correspondingly, their academic performance in the college will not improve, and those who risk cheating might get caught and that will lead to bad consequences. Furthermore, it is affecting students' behavior outside the college , and it can impact their performance in their future workplaces.…show more content…
College Student Journal, March 1999). Cheating leads to several psychological drawbacks on students, and this might have a major effect on their personality, or even in their daily life. They also added that during the past 100 years, a variety of studies illustrated the relation between attitude and attributional variables that can assist to know cheating behavior. We can understand from this study that students who cheat often change their attitude especially when it becomes a usual habit for them, and this gives encourages the students to be dishonest in all aspects of their daily lives. For example, they could start to lie to their families, and disrespect the rules of their community without any

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