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Being cheer captain is a very important job not only is it important, but it comes with many responsibilities. Cheerleading itself is a very special privilege that people all around the world get to have the opportunity to do. Making the cheer team is one of the most exciting times of one’s life but becoming captain would be once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that would be a pleasure of anyone. Becoming cheer captain would give me the opportunity to be a good image to the squad, showcase my leadership abilities, and motivate my squad to spread spirit all throughout the school. When I think of a cheer captain I think of someone who gets along with every member of the team and is well liked by every last person on the team to include the coaches. Cheer captains should have a bond with their squad that is exceptionally strong that is a sisterhood. I would never want my squad to be disappointed in me and I would always take their feelings in to consideration to pick the option that would benefit the whole team. Cheer captains should keep their squads honor intact by being the best they can be, encourage the team to keep their grades up, and follow all rules and remind their squad of all rules and consequences for all actions. Additionally being captain would also give me the chance to show that I have very strong leadership abilities.…show more content…
Being cheer captain is something you have to work for and should keep working for even if you get it. Becoming captain is not a popularity contest and should not be thought of as a position to be better than others. Being captain should be something that you want to make your team better and be held to the standards that everyone will ahold you to. It is also something that a lot of girls dream of. As captain, I want us to be a family. Whether or not I become captain, I will always be a part of a family and that family will always be a part of
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