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Cheerleading: Is It a Sport? You do cheer your whole life and do just as much as other athletes. Someone walks up to you and says cheer isn’t a sport. How would you respond? Competitive cheerleading has become one of the fastest growing activities in the country. There is competitive cheer and non-competitive, know as school cheer. Although there is a big difference that people don’t know about. While it’s true competitive cheer would seem like it’s not a strenuous activity, but competitive cheer should be considered a sport because it takes up time and hard work, it’s not what people actually think cheer is, and it takes a team effort. Competitive cheer takes up time and hard work like every other sport. According to Kenny Sampson, the host…show more content…
According to Kennedy Thames, a flyer with the Rockstar Beatles said, “If one person is missing from the team, then a stunt group can’t stunt, the pyramid can’t go up. There are three people under me that I have to trust not to drop me.” More than 200,000 high school and college cheerleaders attend offseason All-Star camps to improve skills. Today, 97% of cheerleaders on teams are women. Kenny Sampson points out collegiate cheer is based on crowd appeal and all star is based on skill-building. It is possible to think there’s only one good person on the cheer team, but it takes the whole team to hit a routine. So it stands to reason that it’s not just one person, it’s the whole team who can win a competition. This also means that it takes everyone to get better on skills or to do a perfect routine. Although people might think cheer isn’t as severe as other sports, competitive cheer should be considered a sport. Cheer takes up a lot of time and hard work put into it, it’s not the stereotypes people think it is, and it takes a team effort like other sports. Imagine if you did any sport your whole life and someone tries to tell you that it’s not a sport. How would that make you
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