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Incidents involving release of toxic, flammable and hazardous liquids and gases have occurred time to time. Such incidents frequently occurred in industries using hazardous chemical that are pose a major threat to both human and environment. Irrelevant of industry there is always a probability of such accidents to occur due to human or system error.
Recent accidents of this era are 1984 Bhopal accident,1989 Phillips Petroleum Company accident, the July 1990 BASF(Baden Aniline and Soda Factory) and the May 1991 IMC accident.
Keeping in view these accidents specifically Bhopal accident OSHA on July 17, 1990 put forward a new standard in the Federal Register (55 FR 29150) PSM.

Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA) was made law in November 15, 1990
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A process can contain a very hazardous liquid or gas feed or product which poses a major threat to plant personnel and its surrounding.
To prevent such accidents OSHA has made PSM regulation that involve management of toxic chemicals
Facilities that either use or produce toxic chemicals must comply with the OSHA PSM regulation as well as EPA risk management program regulations.
Center for chemical process safety (CCPS) of American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) has issued a book that elaborate various method of analyzing process hazard and their severity accordingly.
In Australia, consideration of process safety management is a key consideration for the management of Major Hazard Facilities (MHFs).
PSM Management In Pakistan
There is no independent law regarding PSM in Pakistan a law that tackles such issues is chapter 3 of factories act 1934.All provinces applies safety rules regarding industry under this act. Another relevant act is hazardous occupation rules 1963. These rules specify regarding hazards but also the relevant authoritative post for this named chief inspector of factories.

Other laws regarding PSM are:
• Dock Laborers Act, 1934
• Mines Act,

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