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Cherry Angioma A cherry angioma is a common skin growth that can appear on any area of your body. It is also known as a senile angioma or a Campbell de Morgan spot, a common kind of benign (not cancerous) skin growth. It is common in people ages 30 and above. Angiomas result from abnormal growth of small blood vessels, which may get broken, giving the cherry angioma its characteristic red appearance. This skin growth should not make you worry unless it bleeds or changes its shape, color or size. Talk to your doctor about unusual changes in your skin growths to find out if they could be symptoms of skin cancer. Part 1: The Symptoms of Cherry Angioma Cherry angiomas are small, bright red, circular or oval skin growths about the size of a pinpoint to a fourth of an inch in diameter. A cherry angioma may appear…show more content…
This is a quick and easy procedure that requires only one session for treatment. Furthermore, there is a lower risk of infection compared to other procedures. 3. PDL Pulsed dye laser (PDL) is another method used to remove a cherry angioma. It consists of a concentrated light that gives off heat to destroy the tumor. This outpatient procedure is quick, but it can cause mild bruising that can last up to ten days. 4. Shave Excision. This procedure involves slicing away at the angioma in thin layers until it’s gone. Shave excision is an alternative to invasive surgery that would involve cutting out the lesion or growth and using stitches or sutures to close the wound. 5. Electrosurgery Electrosurgery is a minor surgical method that is most commonly used to remove cherry angiomas using an electric needle. 6. Natural Remedies Natural remedies are usually slow in effect, but they also provide long-term benefits. Experts believe that a cherry angioma is a skin disorder related to dehydrated skin. Therefore, maintaining a healthy skin can help prevent. This may

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