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Red Cherry Shrimp

From the freshwaters of Taiwan, we get the Neocaridina davidi more commonly known as the red cherry shrimp or cherry red shrimp. Naturally these little wonders are green-brown in color, however, due to years of selective breeding it gave rise to the red morph of this species. The males have a lighter texture and less red coloration than the females. During pregnancy the female shrimp achieves that pregnancy glow intensifying the red hue already present and with that getting larger. It’s the pregnancy weight. These 4-centimeter (1.6in) adult shrimp prefer optimal pH levels and temperatures to ensure that they thrive. These omnivores have a lifespan ranging between 1-2 years. Over the year this species has had various identity
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These animals are primarily prey so when kept in an aquarium it should be a deciding factor on deciding what your environment is going to be. One should include non-aggressive fish in the tank. Although they will thrive in a species only environment.

Avoid any predatory fish such as Discus, Oscars, Cichlids, Arowanas, Angel Fish and other large species is a must. Small, non-aggressive fish such as the harlequin rasbora, neon tetra, cardinal tetra, dwarf corydoras, otocinclus catfish, dwarf gouramis though these may predate if aggressive, platy, and some species of killifish can be kept with adult cherry shrimp.


The brighter the reddish hue the more expensive the shrimp. Selectively bred from shrimp with a brownish color red cherry shrimps are mostly transparent with light red spots and colorless legs. Grading of the Red Cherry shrimp is all about the red hue. The higher the opacity the better the grade. The Red Cherry shrimp is of the lowest grade present and thus makes it more affordable. These range from the simple cherry shrimp to the more vivid bloody marry. The color determines the price and is a clear identification of selective breeding and generally looks more appealing to the

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