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Chicago and other major cities remain in the news, as they continue to struggle with high murder rates. In fact, the city of Chicago has witnessed a 50 percent increase in its murder rate in only a one year period, and this area is not alone. Thankfully, cities across America and noticing violent and property crime rates remain at historic lows. The new adminstration has noted the increase in murder rates, but needs to also consider that other crimes on are the decline, which is always a good thing. The 30 largest cities in America are seeing an increase in their homicide rates, and this includes places like San Antonio and Memphis, not typically known for this type of violence. Seven hundred and thirty two murders were projected in Chicago…show more content…
Furthermore, most of this increase is the result of Chicago 's murder rate increasing so significantly. We are thrilled that crime rates are decreasing, but wish to know what is driving up the murder rates in certain cities. Some experts believe it is due to fewer police officers and/or fewer programs designed to prevent violence. Poverty does appear to play a role in this problem, and the same is true of a rise in gang violence in these cities. With the current administration looking at gun control laws, this may be changing, but no one can say what impact this will truly have. The administration will need to take into account the fact that the overall crime rate is decreasing, even as murder rates climb, when they are making decision as to what laws to enact. Anyone who is accused of murder needs legal representation immediately. We are a full-service criminal defense firm and can assist persons charged with crimes from the lowest misdeamon to the highest level felonies. There are a number of defenses that may be employed in this situation, and we are work to determine which is the best for the defendant 's situation. Each case is unique, as each client. We never forget this and treat every client as the individual they are, one in crisis who needs help

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