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Chicago is one of the most diverse cities in the Unites States. You can meet people from various cultures- but you have to know where to find them. Although Chicago is ethnically diverse, it is also very segregated. Communities tend to be ethnically divided and there are boundaries that isolate them from other groups. Due to this structure, I grew up in Logan Square exposed only to hispanic culture and formed a sense of identity that reflects my community's values and morals. Because of the city structure, my family and I were able to maintain many aspects of our culture: our language, our traditions, and our values. I grew up in a Mexican home and around friends that shared a similar background as me. As a result, I obtained a better understanding of my heritage and formed a strong sense of belonging to my community. This sensation strengthen while I attended elementary school. I went to a predominantly hispanic elementary school near my house. It was composed of students from Mexican descent like myself but there were also a few Caribbean students. I spent my entire childhood at that school, constantly surrounded by people that held the same values and beliefs as me. I shared many similarities with my peers and as a result, I formed egocentric views by assuming that everyone had the same values as me. I came to the…show more content…
My imperfections and flaws are ultimately also a product of my interaction with my community, although I did not realize this until being exposed to a different environment and culture. The Northside community has demonstrated me the beauty of living with people from different backgrounds. The sharing of our cultural heritage and values provides an opportunity to grow and learn from each other. Through these experiences, I have discovered a lot about myself and about the strong influence my community has had in shaping me into the person I am
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