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Chicago Research Essay What would someone rather hear first, bad news or good news? Initially, you would want to hear the good news and then the bad, but the fact that it’s the last thing you hear, makes it the only thing you hear.This happens in a documentary created by CNN in 2014 called “Chicagoland”. Directed by Mark Benjamin and Marc Levin, the documentary focuses on the city and its leaders. .Throughout episodes 1,2,5 and 7, the documentary talks about the Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s budget cuts and staff lay offs, along with the violence that takes place in Chicago’s schools and neighborhoods. The setting mostly takes place in Chicago’s bad neighborhoods and compares the lower and middle class people. While many believe that the series spends…show more content…
However, the series focuses too much on the poverty and crime-ridden neighborhoods and less time on the good neighborhoods. Since Mayor Rahm Emanuel wanted to shut down schools in poor neighborhoods, the opposition agrees that the series must only focus on these neighborhoods. “In 2013, CPS issued a list of 129 schools being considered for closure. Of those 129 schools, Mayor Emanuel closed 54 schools in primarily low-income black and Latino areas in one of the largest mass school closures in history. To protest Emanuel’s action, 7,000 parents, students, and teachers took to the streets in an angry three-day protest.”(Kelly) Teachers that were living in these neighborhoods, such as Roseland, went on strike feuding against Mayor Emanuel, fighting for their schools and it would seemed utmost important to include the majority of this in the documentary. Also, Chicago has an incredulous amount of violence and gang activity that happen all in the bad neighborhoods. Students walking to school pass through gang territory on their way to school and it is an issue that is needing to be addressed and exposed in “Chicagoland”. Chicago had also a large murder rate that was too large to ignore. These important events happen to take place in Chicago’s bad neighborhoods. Although the filmmakers chose to focus on the bad neighborhoods because they find that’s where most of the action takes place,
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