Essay On Child Hunger In America

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The five basic needs for us to survive are air, food, shelter, sleep, and water. What if we don 't have one of basic needs? It is going to be hard for us to live our lives. Unfortunately, many of children in Washington State are living in harsh conditions where foods are scarce. According to Northwest harvest organization 1 in 5 kids in Washington state lives in a household that struggles to put food on the table and According to WA state department of health Among the 10th graders, 13% of them reported that their family skipped meals or reduced meal size in the past year due to lack of money. The Washington state department of health said that hunger causes negative health effects such as more frequent colds, ear infections, anemia, asthma, headaches, impaired cognitive functions and poorer academic achievement. Is it the only issue in our state? No, the hunger is one of the major issues in all of the 50 states in the United States of America. It is affecting adults and children. But the major issues is that the children are getting the most effect from this issue. Right now 16.2 million kids in America struggle with hunger and part of those children are living here in Washington state too and struggling every day.…show more content…
But the sad answer to this question is that it is extremely serious. In the nation, Washington is firmly in the middle of the pack, ranking as the 25th hungriest state. In 2014, about 600,000 people participated in Washington’s Basic Food Program each month and about 38 percent of those receiving basic food were children. This means that 228000 children are suffering from hunger where the state needs to step in to help them. The poverty plays the biggest factor in causing child hunger. The child hunger happens because the parents can 't put the food on the table because of financial issues. For example, from a survey data from
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