Why Is Child Labor Important?

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Child labor is one of the most dangerous and a long time social issue in any society. Child labor has been a historical issue that has affected various parts of the world at various intervals but with long term impact and in certain cases irreversible too. Child labor is a very demanding and difficult scenario which has an ever-lasting impact on the moral and emotional health of the child. Even till date, there are wide varieties of industries throughout the world which are actively indulging in the practice of child labor. Though child labor is spread across all types of industries, however the phenomenon can be widely seen in unorganized sectors like domestic work, manufacturing units or factories, service industry like entertainment, hotels and restaurants, tourism, and agriculture, etc (Babar, 2017). Child labor basically means when an underage child works for a salary. The conditions in which the child works can be hazardous. A 10 year old girl working as a domestic help as well as a 12 year old boy working in a cracker factory come under the purview of child labor. According to ILO, globally around 250 million children below the age of 12 are employed as child labor (Lopez-Calva, 2001). Theory…show more content…
Some children continue to work alongside school. However, going to school is a great way to measure for child labor. Often sending children to work is a decision made to increase the economic situation of the house(Browne,2016). An income issue is often cited as a barrier to schooling. hence, the theory of change is that increase the home income would be a way to send children to school. Because they will be able to afford school costs. This showing for us how can child labor affect the child development in different ways. Because of that child labor is a huge issue that faces all the children around the

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