Essay On Child Literacy Development

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In literacy, children need to be exposed properly. According to Fisher, Flood, & Lapp, (1999) that good storytelling can help children to challenge their intellect, can well imagine, helping them to know the world and teach them to love reading. When the teacher read the story, it can help children develop their bond or relationship with books. This can help children to be imaginative, to use the language well and form good intellectual (Cullinan, 1987, p.6). After the teacher finished telling stories to children, usually the children will take the book to be explored. They will see the pictures, read the stories and pretending to read the book. When children are exposed to reading as they like, they will start looking for books that have similarities…show more content…
Supporting children's literacy development of children by encouraging the exchange of ideas and the development of thinking skills, including observation, contrast, categorize, organize, and evaluate concluded.

In conclusion, children's literature can help in the development of social, emotional, intellectual and language of children. Exposure early in the story to children is the best way to attract children to read and master the language.

Children are the future leaders of the future. In forming keperibadiankanak noble and moral children, children's literature plays an equally important role. The literary children produced in Malaysia should emphasize quality aspects with regard to the demands and expectations of local children in terms of education. In addition, parents and teachers also play an important perananyang to cultivate the habit of reading to children through activities bacaanyang appropriate and interesting. It is important to ensure excellence in the depankanak children. Education is not only the responsibility borne by the parents dansekolah alone, but society also plays an important role. If all parties play their role properly, it is certainly the next generation adalahgenerasi not only reading, but also a generation that mempunyaikeperibadian noble and
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