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In today’s world social media is on the rise, and the way that young adults are using it is changing. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are leading to the rise in sexting, and adolescents are the ones affected mostly by this. Some do not see anything new in teenage behavior from previous generations. However no one really knows how they feel about sexting. no vital information is out there to tell anyone about sexting via social media. Or how they are feeling about being pressured into something that they might not want. Which leads to a stronger sense that no one knows how they truly feel and think about sending nude photos. A strong example is how young women are subjected to this world, and are expected to act a certain way. They…show more content…
Child pornography will be one of the leading things that they will be charged with according to “Sexting: Technology is Changing What Young People Share Online.” However many people do not know that their sexts, and receiving sexts from other adolescents is child pornography. About sixty-one percent of teens in a anonymous online survey say they did not know it was considered child pornography (Wallace). Which further shows how much these teens know about sextings consequences, and how to stop sexting. In some cases it shows that girls have a higher rate of sending photos (Trapp), and that boys are only the ones asking for them. Making no sense as how the girls are seen as sending them more than the boys asking for them. According to Rattner, Rachel there are several things that some people should know about sexting, and some include single people send more than those in relationships, people do not send photos more than three times a month, and texting can make one feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. Especially those girls that are targeted by

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