Social Media Effect On Sexting Essay

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In today’s world social media is on the rise, and the way that young adults are using it is changing. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are leading to the rise in sexting, and adolescents are the ones affected mostly by this. Some do not see anything new in teenage behavior from previous generations. However no one really knows how they feel about sexting. no vital information is out there to tell anyone about sexting via social media. Or how they are feeling about being pressured into something that they might not want. Which leads to a stronger sense that no one knows how they truly feel and think about sending nude photos. A strong example is how young women are subjected to this world, and are expected to act a certain way. They simply are viewed as individuals that yearn for the privilege to sext, but this is not true at all. With all of the peer pressure to sext is leading them to hate themselves, and the reaction they have to do this is…show more content…
Within the past few years seventy-five percent of adolescents are the main uses of social media, making them exposed to sexting (Ramasubbu). Such platforms as these are providing a playing field for these sext acts to occur, and thus creating a network of peer pressure to sext. The truth of this situation is harsh, but needed as adolescent girls are the ones that are targeted and pressured into sending nude photos. And they do not think that any of this will be beneficial to them, and often do not think of it as a positive experience, unlike their male counterparts (Rettner). Which leaves the adults to believe that the girls are the ones that provoke this kind of behavior out of the boys, and are responsible for the actions that occur. Most sexts are brought on by connection through social media platforms, and the rise of these connections is harming the commonwealth of
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