Essay On Child Pronunciation

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CHAPTER III Analysis of the problem Child 's pronunciation Phonologically, children on this stage still couldn 't pronounce the right pronunciation of some (almost all) words. It is because their speaking organs still not mature and need time to be mature or trained to be able to pronounce all phonemes. Ability to say the words is also still lack. We can see many words he said like mamana (mamanya), pelgi (pergi), teh (tes), etc. From the data I got, I can conclude some points: He still not can pronounce ‘r ', whenever ‘r ' is located, he can 't pronounce it correctly. He replaces r with ‘l ' if the ‘r ' is at the end of the word, in the middle of the word with a vowel before and after the ‘r '. He cannot pronouns ‘l ' if the alphabet is located before a consonant. He just omits it. He can 't pronounce…show more content…
Temperamental If the child is in a state of anger there are several ways that can overcome such as by finding out the cause. In fact, a suddenly angry child begins with a cause that parents do not know. For example, if the child is easily angered if his desire is not fulfilled, it is better as a parent to meet the wishes of children who are able parents. The second way is to model a good behavior toward the child. Every child imitates the behavior that is often encountered every day. And home is where children spend more time. Where every day more children meet with parents. This is a good way to model good behavior. One good example to apply at home with children is not anger. The third way to deal with an angry child is to show a calm attitude toward the child 's anger. By looking at the response of his parents who do not go angry to make children feel angry to be ignored. And it turns out this calm attitude can be a weapon to make children think angry again. Because he thinks it 's useless to be angry because the parents do not respond to his anger. How to deal with a sixth grumpy boy is with advice. Advice is needed to correct the attitude that had
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