How To Write An Essay On Child Soldiers

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Child soldiers Child soldiers can be very dangerous to be around as they are trained to shoot and kill anything that moves. Soldiers are trained to erase everything out of children who are put in the army they even make them forget their own families they have to be cold hearted. If they can’t pass their “test” they execute them within 5 minutes, female child soldiers are mistreated and also sexually used and go through more pain than male children do. But if male children do something wrong they get killed unlike the female soldiers do they get tortured until they learn how to do it right. Children go through a life sentence as they grow up, if they are good at shooting and killing they stay and grow up being a criminal and as known as a drug dealer, and if they dont kill someone they get killed and sent back to their family which is the saddest part. Families suffer day over day and they can’t do anything about it because if they do they can end…show more content…
Hundreds of children are forced to put in the army but some kids join on their own and suffer years and when they try to come out they come out worse than when they joined. They come out with broken bones or even missing body pieces, some kids don't even make it back out they die or they kill them before even starting war. Poverty kills children and also eventually kills family because of the children dying, the government doesn't care about children but they do care about winning a war. “Special attention will be given to the young women and girls, who are likely to have suffered sexual abuse, so that they can rejoin their communities without the stigma associated with such abuse.” young women suffer more than male soldiers, females are abused sexually and are thrown back to there
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