Child Soldiers Should Be Prosecuted Essay

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One day Jacob and his friends went to school because they were 12 then when Jacob and his friends and the students were all taken by the LRA. When they were taken one of jacob's friends tony had to kill one of his friends with a gun but he did not choose to they would take one of his arms or tony killed him and his friends was already very sick so tony gave him meres and shoot him in the head with the gun to not make him sever most of the time Jacob would have to go walking with army without any food in his stomach. When they go to sleep they had to sleep in the grass not to be noticed by the government solders most of the time they would go to sleep without anything to eat. Jacob and his friends situation is common where they live but…show more content…
In the article Child Soldiers Should Be Prosecuted, it states “ In Sierra Leone child soldiers committed acts of rape, mutilation and mass killings of civilians.”(na some people will think that they should be held against their crimes but they were forced to kill by the commanders they would have not done any of these stuff if they weren’t forced to do it they were kids and believed in everything so when they got taken the commander could have told them he's their dad so they look up to him as a leader and do everything they say so they will also do it for food because they don’t get to eat if they don’t kill and go out to war. Also, it must be said that they are just little kids and they don’t know what is right from wrong in the article armed and underage, it states, “He is shouldering an automatic fully loaded rifle.” This shows that they are little and they are forced to carry the gun or they will be made an example of by the commanders or some of the commanders solder and then they will use that to have more control over them because they will be scared and they will know what will happen if they try to display him. This is why some people think that they should be prosecuted but they should be given amtey because they were young and they were forced into
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