Essay On Child Trafficking Prevention

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GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS Prevention is better than cure. If all stakeholders involving in the child right issues focused on mostly preventive strategies of the trafficking then matter of rescue and rehabilitation reduce to minimum extend. The prevention of trafficking needs to be carried out not only in the source areas but also in the destination or demand areas, the transit points and the trafficking routes. Strategies in all these areas have to be oriented towards the specific characteristics of the situation and the target groups. The best method of prevention is its integration it with prosecution and protection. Prosecution includes several tasks start from registration of FIR at the earliest possible opportunity, the identification…show more content…
Lack of livelihood options, prevailing cultural practices, excessive poverty are the main reason which drives the families from socially and economically weaker sections of the society to push the children to be trafficked. These poor families thus get trapped by the lure or deception of the traffickers and for which those families allows their girls and women to be trafficked. Attitudinal change could be brought through proper awareness programme about the pros and cons of trafficking among general masses and specifically the victims. Public sharing of information in various forums such as conferences, workshops and seminars could be organized to sensitize and educate people. Poverty, lack of education, low wages or income basically forces people of a particular are to displace from one place to another for livelihood and most of the times those people become subject matter of trafficking. Therefore initially effective initiatives to be taken to address these issues as preventive measure. Priority should be given to rural development programmes in terms of poverty eradication, alternate livelihood, additional employment, dry land farming etc., so as to make the habitants to be self

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