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Childhood poverty is a serious issue across the world. For children, poverty is defined as the deprivation of necessary aspects of life such as, nutrition, health, water, education, or shelter. According to Unicef, 47 percent of those living in extreme poverty are 18 years old or younger which means that nearly 385 million children are living in poverty worldwide (based on data from 89 countries).This is a staggering result as this means that children account for almost half of the world’s extreme poor. According to the World Bank Group and Unicef, the youngest children are the worst off. More than one-fifth of children under the age of five in the developing countries face extreme poverty compared to 15% of 15-17 year old that live in poverty.It is appalling that children, as young as five years old are in danger. Specifically, Sub-Saharan Africa has both the highest rates of children living in extreme poverty at just under 49 %, and the largest share of the world’s extremely poor children, at just over 51%. 2 in 3 children suffer from childhood poverty, and according to Unicef, over 30% of Indian children lived in…show more content…
Rich countries are also affected. In the world’s richest countries, 1 in 4 children are living in poverty. In the European Union, 26 million children are impoverished. Unicef ranks the top countries in the world, and in June of 2017, they determined that the United States ranks 37th of 41 countries for the greatest percentage of childhood poverty. This means that we are one of top five developed countries with the most poverty among the richest nations. Also, more than 4.9 million of these poor children are under 5 years old. As stated in The Guardian, the Unicef Annual Report explains that poverty has increased since 2008. The global recession is the primary reason for the increase in poverty as unemployment rates left many families unable to provide care for their

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