Essay On Childhood Vaccination

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If I was a parent, I would desire that a public health department would enforce that all children should vaccinated before they attend school; even though, there still are some parents that do not believe in vaccinations. I would like to expect that my child would be safe from diseases that are preventable by vaccinating. Childhood vaccinations should require for all American families. There has not been enough truthful evidence that connects vaccinations with autism or any other disease; therefore, why do some parents choose not to vaccinate their children. In Nicholas Kristof’s article “The Dangers of Vaccine Denial,” Dr. Philip J. Landrian writes “that there may be environmental factors linked to autism, but these relate to endocrine disrupting chemical in consumer products, not vaccines” (Kristof’s pp3). Parents that do not believe in vaccinations need to prove with believable facts that getting their children vaccinate, will automatically cause autism. Since the parent sent his child to the school without being vaccinated all the responsibility falls on the parent. Because now the child is in danger of placing all the children he has come into contact with in danger of infecting them. The article “The Danger of Vaccine Denial argues “Refusing to vaccinate your children is not “personal choice” but…show more content…
These parents do not believe in science, In Barbara Loe Fisher article “Leave Parents Free to Choose Vaccines,” states “What is considered scientific “truth” today may not be true tomorrow” (Fisher p4). These parents believe that science will change over a period of time; nevertheless, on what they feel is right they have to take responsibility not only for their child but to think also about the other children they place in danger when they attend school without being properly
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