Essay On Children Abuse

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When we see or hear what media and news show about children abuse, we will not believe things like this actually happen .In fact it is, and it has been there for a long time Children abuse or in general domestic violence against children in Saudi Arabia. Those young people who grow in violence homes and what are the solutions for this problem Out of the point it is so important to know what is happing around us against those children who have greatly affected from this problem .Furthermore to find solution before this problem increase more specially here in Saudi Arabia ,what studies show lately actually put us in dangers position and it is not only about that sometimes the effect of those kind of problems be long lasting effect we don’t…show more content…
"Children abuse is when a parent or caregiver, whether through action or failing to act, causes injury, death, emotional harm or risk of serious harm to a child". Children abuse is a huge problem because it can affects the brain and their mental health, it also can affect their adulthood, and sometimes it cause death and sometimes it leads to suicide as well. This problem is a social problem that affect the society in a bad way. There is many types of child abuse, but the most common one is the physical abuse. It can cause injury and mental issues, it can also cause trust issues and anger mange issues, but the most important that is can lead to criminal behavior and violence according to Alitthad Newspaper. being abused can also affect their education, they might fail and they also might copy what they see at home and do it to other kids in school. It can also affect their future by having to deal with serious issues, such as their mental issues or their injuries and scars that should be cured, and their future life when they have their own family. As World Health Organization said in their report in 1992 " that 97% of children abuse cases are caused by an addicted person". Then effects can affect children for long-terms, because when the abuse stop, the impact of child abuse does not end. It can cause depression, subside attempt, eating desorder, sexual difficulties and self harming behavior. According to
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