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Significant Earthquake
Throughout its lifespan, earth has experienced some very extreme catastrophes. These disastrous events have the capability to totally alter the landscape as well as change the lives of the inhabitants of the area that they occur in. During this period of time some catastrophes were foreseeable such volcanos erupting, severe thunder and snow storms, however, catastrophes such as earthquake, tsunami and tornado were not predicable. Back in 1960, the technology that we have today was not available; therefore there was no warning or indication when a possible earthquake might occur. Today, technology has evolved beyond our wildest dreams, as technology now offers the ability to some nature disaster and warn those living
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It was the most powerful quake ever recorded. Earthquakes will occur on most plate boundaries, other than constructive as this is where new land is formed by magma moving into the gap on the plate boundaries (Alvarez, et al., 2014). Mostly happen on subductive and conservative plate boundaries examples of which are East Asia, when these boundaries crush against each other and create pressure. Eventually, the pressure will build up to a point where it overcomes the friction holding two sections of rock together. The sections will slip, relieving the pressure and creating an earthquake as the energy that was held in the two sections is transferred into seismic waves, also known as an earthquake (Alvarez, et al., 2014). Conclusion
The largest earthquake ever recorded on the rector scale is the Great Chilean Earthquake. At some time in the past as some point there could have been a larger earthquake, however the technology did not exist, it would not have been recorded. With the Great Chilean Earthquake there devastating effects of landscape, loss of building and home and the disastrous amount of people that lost their life. Had the technology been available in the 1960’s, the death toll would have been significant reduced and potentially they could have predicted this disastrous
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