Essay On China Population Law

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The population law in China is a law invented in the late 1970s by the government in china. To begin with there was only a one child policy where a soon to be mother could only have one baby. If the mother were to be pregnant with twins or triplets they would be aborted immediately. A couple of years later announced that if you were the only sibling in your family you were able to have two children.This law has created less population decreasing traffic on roads having plenty of space and homes for families. But it has also created ghost cities a ghost city is a city where barely anyone lives in and is very hard to make a living there for lack of customers. This law has also created “ hidden children “ where children are born secretly and have no identity .That is why China's violation law should be abolished because The law violates…show more content…
it also violates human rights,in the passage China’s population law 2 the author states “some say that the population law helped slow down China’s exploding population others say it’s an human abuse of rights” say a mother that had another sibling that is not aloud to have two is pregnant with twins.Then the doctor gives her some medicine to abort the twins. Because of the population law without asking the mother first saying she has to and then she goes home sad violating human rights to freedom of choice.So say you already have a son or a daughter but you are having another child and you know they will abort it. So you decide to have it in secret giving you no choice to because you don’t want to lose your child.And then brings up the subject of hidden children and you can’t go to the hospital with professionals. Then that child has to live in secret for the rest of it’s childhood till it’s grown and won’t have a job or food and either living on the streets or a life of
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