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I believe that almost everyone agree with me that the Chinese food is great, not just Chinese but everyone in the world speak highly of Chinese cuisine and there are lots of foreigner travel to China every year only because they are attracted by Chinese cuisine. We all are surprised by its smell and taste. As for a Chinese, I would like to discuss about why the Chinese cuisine so delicious. There causes can be identified and they are followed: long history, varied types and the Chinese attitude toward cooking.
At first I would like to talk about the long history of Chinese cuisine, as we all know that China is a country with long history, the beginning of Chinese civilization is about 5000 years ago around the yellow river and since then the
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China is the second largest country in the world and has an immense territory totaling 9.6 million square kilometers. (Wikipedia 2016) Different landform and terrain developed different culture. The point is so many types of Chinese cuisine derived from these cultures including Shandong cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Guangdong cuisine, Fujian cuisine, Jiangsu cuisine, Zhejiang cuisine, Hunan cuisine and Anhui cuisine. Different types cuisine has its special way to deal with ingredients and tasted differently. ‘Dishes from the northern area including Beijing are characterized by a "salty" taste. As the winters are long and harsh, and fresh ingredients are in short supply, there are many stew-type dishes. Peking cuisine, represented by the Peking duck, originated from Shandong cuisine. Chefs from Shandong Province crafted many dishes for the court during the Ming and Qing dynasties. In the coastal city of Dalian, also in the northern area, you can enjoy simple seafood dishes very cheaply’ (The Many Taste, 2002) the different taste of varied types cuisine make sure it can satisfied people as many as possible, I believe it is one of the main reason why almost everyone speak highly of Chinese…show more content…
If someone asks me to summarize the attitude, I would like to say “respect”. Chinese treat the food material as a gift from nature so that the Chinese try their best to keep the ingredients fresh and obey the rules of nature in order to show their respect, a story is told in The Bite of China can confirm my statement, ‘After digging out the mushroom, Zhuoma covered the hole quickly with pine needles on the soil. Only in this way, can keep the organization of mushroom from destroy. To continue the gift of nature, Tibetans follow the rules of forests in mind.’(Chen Xiaoqing, 2012), another story be told in The Bite of China showed that the Chinese not only respected to the ingredients, but also the way they deal with it, ‘Lao Huang got rid of the extra pork, made the pork a kind of mellow and full ham, put liquor on it to kill bacteria, and then spread on the salt made home. During the pickle, rubbing and pressing are only be used in case the fiber is destroyed.’(Chen Xiaoqing, 2012). In china, the cooking skills are inherited from the last generation to the next generation, so the Chinese cooker especially respect to the cooking skills they learned from their father or mother. They obey the cooking rules strictly and deal with the food material carefully. The respect to the food material and cooking skills contributes to the delicious of Chinese

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