Essay On Chinese Dragons

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Introduction: My project is on Ancient Chinese Dragons because I’ve always liked dragons and wanted to learn more about them within the Chinese culture. Even though dragons are a mythical creature, they’ve been an authority to the Chinese people dating back 6 to 7, 000 years. The Chinese used to believe that dragons controlled weather, like bringing rain during a drought. Dragons can be seen everywhere in China such as: legends, festivals, astrology, art, names, stores, and even beautifully done graffiti. Chinese dragons are seen usually as bringing good luck. This is quite a different view that much of the world has about dragons. Much of the world sees them as powerful, mystical, evil, dangerous, fire-breathing beasts. Descendants of the Dragon: It was said that thousands of years ago, Yandi (a legendary tribal leader) was born by his mother's telepathy (mind reading) with a mighty dragon. With the help of the dragon and allied with Huangdi (a legendary tribal leader), they opened the prelude to Chinese civilization, so Yandi and Huangdi were considered ancestors of…show more content…
The Chinese dragon is a very important symbol of royalty to the people of China as the ancient emperors used to wear dragons on their clothing. The emperors called their sons "seeds of dragons", their robes were "dragon robes", and their chairs were "dragon chairs”. When you enter the Forbidden City, you can see elements of Chinese dragons everywhere: the nine sons of the dragon on the golden roof, on the stone floor, the imperial chair decoration, wood sculptures on pillars, and handrails, etc. The Chinese dragon has transformed over the years to a mascot (which is a symbol) from ancient times to the present. Not only is the dragon prevailing in China, but it's also very popular among the Chinese people living in countries other than China. It has become the symbol of China as a country and their
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