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Students who study in Chinese senior high school have no time to get a part-time job. They have to take about 12 hours to study at school, and they also have to take about 11 classes which are about 45 minutes. After a busy study time, they have to do a lot of homework until midnight. During all weekends and holidays, they should take a pound of after school classes so that they have no time for leisure and entertainment. They do all of these is just for college entrance examination, the most important exam that is more likely determine their life and future. If they fail the test, they should do it again next year or just go to work and have no chance to going to the university. It is very difficult to gain a good grade in the exam and going…show more content…
Parents in China put more expectation on their children and want them to be the best student in the class or whole school. All Chinese parents like to take a lot of after school classes for their students and never consider about their kids’ thoughts and feelings. In Chinese culture, however, academic success is believed to be strictly a product of effort and therefore completely within the control of the student. Because Chinese parents view grades as controllable, they see no reason as to why their children should be expected to achieve anything less than perfect grades. The only excuse for not achieving perfect scores would be laziness, which is considered unacceptable. In this sense, Chinese parents aren’t trying to put undue pressure on their children, but rather to do what is necessary to set their children up for a successful future. However, American parents is more free about kids’ life and work so that they allow them to get some part-time jobs during they’re free time.Parents in America have a free though of letting their children to get a part-time job during their free time. In a 2011 Pew Research Center survey, 64% said American parents were not putting enough pressure on their children to do well in school; just 11% felt parents were putting too much pressure on their kids and 21% thought the amount of pressure was about right. In America,

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