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Chinese music has its own history and origin. There were many influences such as religion which is Buddhism, the role of globalization on the music. It impacted on other cultures such as Japan, Thailand and Korea. The current Chinese music certainly developed compared to its origin and how the music will look like in the future including its instruments.
Chinese Music is traced back to the third millennium B.C, including instruments and manuscript from its time. The quantity was few due to emperor Shih Huang-ti who ordered all books and instruments to be abolished (“Chinese music: Origins and Characteristics online”, 2012). The Chinese instruments has been created from simple material used such as metal, stone, silk, bamboo, gourd, clay, skin
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Today, as a result of globalization, Chinese music has become very similar to modern Western music it has electric keyboards and guitars. Like young Westerners, young Chinese adults attend the concerts of famous Chinese pop stars. (“Chinese Music,” n.d) Western music and other Asian countries such as Korea influenced China which is why pop Music is very famous there. This generation is interested in this type of song and like to listens to a wide domain of hip hop to pop and rock. The second most famous genre with young Chinese people are Soul and R&B in addition to the songs of piano and guitar which is popular in Chinese community. Traditional instruments are used within the music. The main types of Chinese music are, vocal music, Ethnic Han music, Chinese opera, Folk music, Rock, heavy metal and Guangxi, and each one of them has different use and special history. (“Types of Music In China,”) The current purpose of the Chinese music is being performed for entertainments rather than being solely for ceremonies and story telling. If schools or college teach about music appreciation, training and history throughout Southeast Asia it will be an important part of the immigration culture. Social and religious ceremonies origin will be more exposed and help motivating into expansion

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