Essay On Chivalry In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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Knights have always fascinated people with their daring deeds and good manners. In the Pearl Poet’s “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,” the Green Knight arrives at King Arthur’s castle to Challenge his Knights, but no one accepts the challenge until finally, Arthur stands up. Eventually, Sir Gawain accepts the challenge and has his reputation challenged along the way. When Sir Gawain became a knight, he promised to live by the Code of Chivalry just like I live my life by a set of rules. My code of honor shares similarities with the Code of Chivalry. One similarity between my code and the knight’s code involves protection. For example, knights have promised to guard the honor of fellow knights and to provide succor to widows and orphans. In…show more content…
A knight is sworn to fear God and maintain His church. As a Christian we believe that you should always do the right thing no matter the consequences or situation. In the story, Sir Gawain kept his word and went searching for the Green Chapel where he would meet his end so he thought. In search for the Green Chapel, Sir Gawain climbed many a hill and crossed many marsh and river; he battled bears, wolves, and serpents but kept travelling (3). I believe in God, that nothing should come before come before him, and that I should live my life as Christianly as possible. Sir Gawain and I share many of the same beliefs, our respect for God is just one of them. My final similarity between my code of honor and a knight’s Code of Chivalry is that we share the belief that you should always be truthful. A knight swears at all times to speak the truth just as I believe that honesty is the only option. Sir Gawain told the truth by giving the king the kisses he had received no matter how embracing it was to him (4). Growing up we are taught from a young age to always tell the truth and that honesty is the best policy. I feel as if this should be a rule not for just knight’s but for

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