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There are several sexually transmitted infections contracted from males to females, females to males or homosexual and bisexual partners. In effect, all it takes to transmit these bacteria is contact of the genitals – be it penile, vaginal, anal, or even orally. Among the most common sexually transmitted infections or diseases is Chlamydia which is caused by the pathogen, Chlamydia trachomatis.
It is mostly carried alongside the sperm cells with its associated fluid in a man or vaginal secretions from the woman. Chlamydia is mostly asymptomatic (it exhibits no symptom) at the initial stage. Physical contact can mostly not spread the infection as the pathogen usually appear in fluids from deep inside the body.
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Everyone wants to enjoy the sexual life and adequately explore all its fantasies. This sexual intercourse is the most common way to get the Chlamydia infection; about 80% of people around the world with the infection got it through sexual intercourse. This is because the semen from the man holds higher percentage of the bacteria, same with the vaginal secretion from the woman; that is why it is referred to as sexually transmitted infection. Moreover, the woman will still be infected even if there is no discharge from the man, so also the man will be infected with the pathogen even if there is no discharge from him. Furthermore, other categories of sex by which Chlamydia can be gotten are Oral sex and anal sex.
As earlier stated, the infection (Chlamydia) exhibits no symptoms at the initial stage, therefore, it is difficult to ascertain if one has been infected or not. Over time, the infection gradually leads to painful urination in both males and females at the critical stage. There is however a variety of drugs for the treatment of Chlamydia infection because continuous infection can lead to blindness if not treated on time which can even lead to the destruction of the female fallopian tube. The infection is not incurable as several antibiotics can easily take away the pathogen from the
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