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The topic of chocolate milk can be thought of in many different ways. But a very significant topic is brought up various times, including student debates. Should chocolate milk be served in schools? I believe that chocolate milk should be served in schools. This is because chocolate milk helps keep bodies stay healthy, and it helps children maintain a beneficial diet, since it is just as good as white milk. In addition, surveys show how parents feel about serving chocolate milk, and they like it. First of all, chocolate milk helps keep kids’ bodies stay healthy. Chocolate milk contains calcium, magnesium, and other helpful vitamins. According to the text, called “Vitamins and Minerals”, it says that calcium is needed to build “strong bones …show more content…

In the article, “Chocolate Milk Gets Nutritionists’ Gold Star”, an online survey of 1, 247 parents represent what opinions there are about serving chocolate milk in schools. To begin with, 84 percent of the parents thought chocolate milk is an “acceptable beverage to serve” in schools. This shows that most parents agree with serving chocolate milk in cafeterias. Another fact found was that 75 percent of all the 1, 247 parents felt that although chocolate milk has added sugars, the benefits of the milk overrules it. This discovery tells me that the parents who took the survey don’t mind that sugar is in the chocolate milk, as long as their children get the nutrients and vitamins that they need. The last significant fact found because of this survey is that 71 percent of the parents “felt that chocolate milk was not a contributing factor to childhood obesity.” This connects to the topic because it shows that most parents believe drinking chocolate milk doesn’t affect a child’s weight. These facts about what parents think lead me into my next …show more content…

Additionally, parents support chocolate milk being in schools, and they are part of the control over what their children should drink. If you don’t like chocolate milk, are you going to try it next time you see it? If you like chocolate milk, has this given you more reasons to continue drinking

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