Choosing A Lifelong Career: Dermatology

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Choosing a Lifelong Career: Dermatology Dermatology is the study of hair, nails, and skin disorders. Some people think that choosing dermatology or any kind of doctor career requires numerous amounts of education and a very long process. Although going into dermatology is a long journey in life; it is also a very good career to choose, and has its benefits in life. In order to be a dermatologist a person should consider all the education requirements and drawbacks, but they should also consider the plus sides of choosing dermatology as a job in life, such as the independence, the hours, and the pay.
Going into dermatology or any doctor degree always take a long time, a person going into dermatology will need to be patient. A student would
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“No emergencies, no deaths, and no cures,” Doctor Rodney Basler has said (“Dermatologists” 155). The bright side about being a dermatologist is that a doctor is not put in the position of losing a patient. Doctors would take care of a person’s skin, hair, or nails problem then they are released to go back home. Not all dermatologist preform surgical procedures; people do not have to go into the surgery field, but students can if they want to (Augter). If a student is not too fond of taking more school and not comfortable with giving surgical procedures, then they can choose what kind of procedures they would see on a day to day basis. Dermatology is not always about curing diseases, but they also can help improve the appearance of peoples; skin, hair, and nails (AAD). Dermatologists could also work with the appearances of people, like with curing bad acne, or improve a patients features with Botox. Most famous celebrities usually have Botox procedures, but not just famous people have Botox done. Other patients who have bad wrinkles or terrible scars could see a dermatologists about having Botox done, but it is also extremely expensive. In dermatology, as a dermatologist people can travel and be independent in their career (Augter). A dermatologist could have their own office, or become a traveling dermatologist and work many different places. Some people who like to be in control of their hours and where they work, being a dermatologist would be the job for
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