Essay On Christmas Tree

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It is that time of year again, Christmas is already here, this is one the most beautiful holidays with all of the lights and decorations with the vibrant colors that put you in a good mood. Before you can decorate a tree, you must have one small or big Christmas tree. You also need to have the decoration to put on it. Then, you have to follow certain step to be able to decorate your tree in a beautiful way that everybody will love it, some of these steps are to put the lights first, then ornaments, and finally tree topper. To begin with, you have to fluff the tree (if artificial) add lights and keep them on while decorating the tree to make sure they work and to have an idea how the tree is looking during the time that you are adding the ornaments.…show more content…
You can use bloomy wire to attach the garland or turn branches together to make it look natural if you have an artificial tree. Whereas, you are doing the decorations make sure that you do not forget to put the delicious candy canes on the tree unless they have already been eaten up. On normal, most common people’s candy canes do not make it to the tree. Also, add some picks to make it look nice, stack two picks together for a better impression, place the largest/longest one on the bottom, then the medium size, ending with the smallest on top, some of them do not need to wire together, depending what kind of pick you prefer. Simply stick them into the tree branches, they do not need to be wire to the branch unless they are heavy, try to mix some colors and textures. It is also pretty to just use one branch with a bow attached, the picks closest to the top of the tree may need to be turned upside down so that you are not looking at the underside of it. You can also add all kind of small or big ornaments of your preference. If you use large ornaments place them on the inside of the tree to added dimension. Then, place a few large ornaments toward the outside of the tree. This is where you will want to put the ornaments that you want to show the most and use the long ones to help fill empty
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