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The movie Cinderella Man was incredibly accurate of what it was like to live in the great depression, in its portrayal of the characters, setting, and events of the movie. Like in the movie, Jim J. Braddock was a boxer that lived during the great depression. He had many adversities that he had to face, and they are generally what fueled him to continue fighting. Movies usually tend to over exaggerate struggles, but Cinderella Man shows the raw reaction and reality during that time. The details about the characters in this movie are very accurate except for a few small details. One of those being that the opponent that Braddock had to fight, Max Baer, was portrayed as being rude and taunting in the movie, however, he was not in real life.…show more content…
When Braddock had to fight with a broken hand, that really happened in real life and he did lose the fight. Joe Gould, Braddock’s manager, sold all of his belongings so that he could pay for Braddock to train for boxing. This event happened in both the movie and in real life. It has been said that Gould was like family to Braddock. Another factual aspect of the movie was when there were long lines stretching out of the building, of people waiting for relief money. In many places, people waited for relief money, because this time of desperation left people short of money, and also left the relief centers with no money left before they could help everyone. Braddock was embarrassed when he had to visit the relief center and ask his boxing friends for money when he needed to pay his bills. He swallowed his pride and did it and eventually paid his friends back and paid back the government for the relief fund. In conclusion, Cinderella Man was overall very accurate in showing the characters, setting and events during this time. There were small inaccuracies in the movie, however they were not significant enough to change the story from what actually happened. Watching this movie gives the viewer a great understanding of what life was really like during the great depression. It shows the opinions of many people and gives the viewer an insight of the struggles people faced and the emotions they experienced through it
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