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I have been fascinated by films and television all my life. I strongly believe that cinema can completely transform the person’s mind. There’s no reason to argue that films and television industry is a business, however, I consider it to be a form of art first. Well written stories turned into visually stunning, earth-shattering motion pictures that leave people thinking and discussing is art in its purest form. That‘s the main reason that I enjoy analysing cinema and its effect on people so much. It‘s captivating how films can raise awareness or make people closer with each other and bring out strong emotions. Each motion picture has a different impact on society: “Jaws” directed by Steven Spielberg changed the way people look at the films…show more content…
I've taken up photography about 8 years ago and drawing 1 year later. Aside from my personal projects I have also done commission work. Since both of these hobbies are types of visual art, I believe that skill which I acquired could be useful in financing. From photography, I've learned a lot about composition, perspective, field of depth, importance of correctly chosen lighting and how to use available light, sharp focus, post processing and drawing has taught me patience and to pay attention to the smallest details as well as how visualize the ideas that I have. These hobbies played a huge role in how I view…show more content…
Directors like Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, David Fincher and Quentin Tarantino made me fall in love with films as a medium to tell a story. All of them possess an ability to present the story of the film in a very specific way that makes their films unique and keep audiences on the edge of their seats, guessing and thinking throughout the whole feature and I find that fascinating. Analysing their methods, what types of shots they choose to use in different situations I try to understand how to present the story in the most thrilling way. Yet cinema is more than storytelling, powerful images are also a hugely important part. Some people might not feel very strongly about the importance of the aesthetic value of the film, but because of my love of visual arts I definitely do. When it comes to the visual side of films, the cinematography of Guillermo Novarro, Robert Richardson and Roger Deakins is just strikingly beautiful. The impact that well thought-out direction of photography has on a motion picture is immense. Many people have a visual memory, therefore images can have a longer lasting impression than the story itself. I try to keep that in mind when I work on my own projects. I naturally create a very vivid image of each and every story that I read, write or hear in my

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