Essay On Citizenship Award

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I squinted at the podium from my seat in the middle of the tennis courts at Franklin Middle School, while the glistening sun sheltered me that June day. The principal, in a shouting voice, exclaimed, “The 2012-2013 Franklin Middle School Treuchet-Crumbaugh Citizenship Award goes to… Grant Zangwill.” I, along with every other eyeball in attendance, looked at myself. In an instant, I relived countless moments of middle school. Earlier that morning, I had won the Physical Education Department’s Sportsmanship Award but there was something different, something more special, about this one. Every teacher voted on this award and they chose me. I made my way to the isle, while all my friends wished their congratulations or patted me on the back, and then stiffly walked up to the podium. Although I did not realize it at that moment, I entered a new part of my life with accepting the citizenship award. Throughout middle school, I had been a more reserved student and individual. I took a few advanced courses with mostly standard ones, participated in a…show more content…
I have not only been a member of the varsity golf team for three years, but also have received the most valuable player or coach’s award every year. I have run for office in my class government twice and done the same in the National Honor Society. I announce the Boys Varsity Lacrosse Game’s at my high school. Shortly after taking a few deep breaths, I pronounce every starter’s unique name in front of many eager spectators. In middle school, I would have listened to the announcer and thought about what it would be like to play their part. Now, I am the announcer. The job itself has not changed, but I have. These opportunities were there in middle school; I just had not discovered my drive to lead when I am truly fervent in something. I lacked the confidence in myself in order to take the necessary
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