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I have experienced many situations and endured a multitude of experiences throughout my life. It is through these experiences that I have been able to learn a great deal about myself. Since I was young, I have always set astronomically high goals and expectations for myself. This was largely in part due to the strong upbringing from my parents, who taught me what is right and wrong, and instilled very strong personal values, along with a continued ideal of community service. These values helped forge me into who I am today. Besides family values, my background begins when I first joined the Boy Scouts of America. There I was taught what it means to adhere to a motto and properly wear a uniform. Although this was the simplest form of a uniform, …show more content…

The FFA offers many unique experiences, ranging from livestock judging to speech competitions. It was during these speech competitions that I overcame my fear of public speaking and developed my strong communication skills. I was also able to pursue my passion of raising pigs for 6 years. My final experience is the time I have spent in Civil Air Patrol. Between raising pigs and being in Civil Air Patrol, I learned a myriad of skills: responsibility, confidence, and time management, to name a few. Being in the Civil Air Patrol, I have promoted to the rank of Cadet 2nd Lieutenant, becoming a cadet officer and earning my Billy Mitchell Award. I was also awarded the role of Cadet Commander at my home squadron. With the honor of being Cadet Commander came a multitude of difficulties and responsibilities, such as caring for my cadets and adapting to their different learning …show more content…

Besides weekly meeting, my time in Civil Air Patrol was spent at state and nation-wide events. I attended numerous leadership schools here in California, along with a national robotics school near Los Angeles - at which I was voted Honor Cadet. My greatest achievement in C.A.P. so far was graduating from Hawk Mountain Ranger School, located in Kempton,

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