Essay On Class Attendance

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Class Attendance is a Must
According to Woody Allen, an American film director, 80% of success is showing up (cited in Robert, 2007). Even though, some student skip classes, and there are many reasons for them to do so like health problems, major and lack of sleep that is understandable, but still some do not have prover excuse. Moreover, some student do not have a financial issues which make some keep failing due to absence in some of their class. Which is also a waste of money even if they keep trying. Although, some may think attending class is not obligatory especially in collage, it should be for two main reasons the materials and the social life it grants them in classroom. First of all, when student participate from the first to the
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Moreover, class attendance is not required since the course last one semester and end, it still is for the student own good to get great grades. Class attendance to gather the materials but the book should be fine because all the answer will come from it, true but it is best to participate to learn, about is the materials that the group of instructor decided to cancel in the book, so student do not waste their time studding. Some people also think, that there are time student cannot recover all the elements that is given to them in class, which is true, but still they can take the nots they did not wrought in class from there classmate, because this is a responsibility. Furthermore, not all the student is social some prepare to be alone in their work because they think that they do all the work while the other keep staring instead of working with them, after all, “teamwork is not the same thing as team Success”( Hughes &Jones, 2011) . It is likely to happen but still student can either drag others to work or talk to their instructor to change the group there working
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