Essay On Class Ideology In Jane Eyre

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Question 1:
Ideology - a set of beliefs. Ideas that come to a concrete form through practise. Class ideology the most associated with the Victorian period which was always in the making and open to dispute.
Class, Gender and feminism – Class was defined as a group relation to the means of production, the share of wealth created through work. Three main classes, upper, middle and working class. Class seemed to create boundaries and formed hierarchies in the Victorian era. When it came to gender men were seen to be the tough protective ‘warriors’ of the women, protecting them from any danger in the outside world. Whilst the women stayed inside out of harm and ruled the house. Women were seen to be selfless and pure and the men more aggressive and hard.

Question 2:
• I like how Brontë starts off by acknowledging and thanking her supporters.
• I think it is important and well-done of Brontë to take the options and criticism of others into consideration like she has.
• I feel as if in a way she is trying to push the public to be more involved and read more into her writings as her publishers have.
• I admire how she has sort of just brushed off what the
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However it may seem that some of it is quite exaggerated, “The characters and events, though some of them masterly in conception, are coined expressly for the purpose of bringing out great effects.”(p,451.). Females were to be pure, nurturing, gentle and religious, going to church and turning to God in times of need. Jane on the other hand is the opposite of this and “No Christian grace is perceptible upon her.” (p,452.) and is often seen “murmuring against the comforts of the rich.”(p,452.) here the reader experiences Jane going against her roles of class and gender as she is in no way acting as a respectable, responsible

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