Importance Of Classic Literature In Schools

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Should classic literature be in our schools? Dr. Seuss once said “The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” Classic literature can help people get away from the technology that they are around twenty- four seven. Classics help students travel around the world without ever leaving the school. They can go on adventures to lands of dragons and knights to ones of romance. Classic literature helps open the creative part of the brain letting students think of new and different ways to live life. Classic literature should be in our schools because it’s very beneficial. students learn so much better than behind the computer screen, and students have strong opinions about…show more content…
According to a student survey, fifty - five out of seventy - seven answered yes, classic literature should be in schools. Some of the students that had answered yes stated that they hated reading, but still thought it was good to have. Others said that reading the classics was one of their favored things to do. Students also stated the reason why they don’t like reading the classics is they did not understand. Teachers should hold a more open discussion in the classroom to make sure all the students are on the same page. The students said they did not understand the language, shouldn't they tell the people that can help them to understand so they can enjoy the book fully. Students in the survey sent out stated they don’t like it. They said that was because it was boring and they had no interest in the classics that were being read. The teachers should try to have them read something that still teaches them, but yet they find it interesting and they can relate to. Students opinion on classic literature is surprisingly strong and for the literature. Classic literature is one of the most looked past things. It’s not given enough credit for what it does for us. It helps us to travel the world in one night, teach us to slay the dragon in a matter of hours, and letting us learn about the past. Classic literature is so important to them. If people didn’t have the classics they would be repeating the past, they would never think
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