Essay On Classism In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Racism was not the worse things in the whole book, classism was even worst than that. In the To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee used several events to show classism was a really grave problem and this problem was full over the Maycomb. Classism was a really serious problem in Maycomb, it was really common in any of the society class. It happened to the children, to the Radley’s family, to the Ms. Dubose and to the Mr.Dolphus. In the chapter 2 and 3, when Miss Caroline wanted to know why Cunningham didn’t bring his lunch, Scout explained the reason to her but Miss Caroline didn’t care about what she was saying and she even criticized Scout, it made Scout had a really bad emotion. As a matter of fact Scout came to blows with Cunningham for retaliation but Jem stopped her. Jem invited Cunningham to his house to have lunch, when Cunningham wanted to have more syrup, Scout started to…show more content…
Dolphus Raymond was an evil man I accepted his invitation reluctantly” (Lee 203). Since Mr. Dolphus had married with a black woman, he started to drink whiskey really often, it had a really bad influence to the children and the people around him. Mr.Dolphus was not popular in Maycomb, even though he was from a real family and he owned the land on the side of riverbank, there were still a lot of people discriminated him. The reason why i choose this events is not only because the people in Maycomb treated him in a different way but also showed discriminated didn’t really matter about how wealthiness or how high status you were. All in all, Harper Lee told us a lot of things about classism, she used different ways to show the reader what was classism and how serious classism was in the Maycomb and how common it was in different class of the society. In the book, even Scout and Jem had bias on other people, it showed how bad influence that classism was. Without classism, the society would no longer have
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