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Every time that I would attend my classes during the previous years of my study, I tend to observe my teachers while they were teaching in front as well as the behavior of my classmates. This is when I realized that teachers possess different attributes and made use of various strategies to meet the level of understanding of their students. I have also noticed that my classmates used to behave in a different manner depending on the presence of our teachers.
It is during our Field Study that I have experienced to observe the classroom setting while sitting at the back. I usually sit either in front or middle part of the room so; I found my observation from that location as entirely different. Unlike before, I could clearly see the activities that each and every
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My attention is somewhat divided during those times that I am observing my teachers and classmates. It is because I also tend to listen to the discussion. Who knows that I may be called to answer a question?
As I have been given the chance to observe the teachers and their students as an observer, I can completely focus my attention to the holistic classroom setting. I am no longer obliged to listen to the discussion because I am not part of the class anyway. But then, there were times that I also wanted to have certain participation in their ongoing discussion.
It was our first day in Bulihan National High School. Since we are not yet familiar with the environment, Mr. Noceda allowed us to have a three-day observation to our cooperating teacher. I have observed that the voice of Ms. Gomez is loud and clear. Before she started the lesson, she made sure that the room is conducive to learning free from dirt scattered on the floor; chairs are well aligned; and the noise from outside would not be that audible within the

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