Essay Problems In English Classroom

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Problem in An English Classroom Being a teacher is not an easy job as we are given responsibilities to teach the children of all age and that will be their knowledge. A teacher’s job is to guide students to the correct path and help them in time of need. As a teacher there are bound to be problems in classroom no matter which subject you are teaching. As for problem in an English classroom, there are many which can cause disturbance in the teaching flow. These problems need to be solve before it get worse and evolve to a bigger issues especially in kindergarten and primary school. But for me the problem which is usually found in an English class that have to be solve in early stage is that students are usually unprepared to learn in classroom. This problem might have been arise from some issues such as English not being their favorite subject, students don’t understand the lesson, laziness, translating word rather than phrases and also students don’t open up to teacher. As for the first issue which is English not being their favorite subject, there are solutions to this…show more content…
Some students just refuse to study and learn any new thing in class. They just don’t have the prior knowledge and don’t want to prepare anything to help themselves. In this case it’s important for teachers to give guidance to the students and give them the knowledge they need. Teacher need to talk to the students and find his real reason for not participating in class and use it to help them. In classroom teaching make sure to create activities which can include everyone in class. Avoid using activities like presentation, riddle, quickest answer and those similar to this which require part of the class and give other half no opportunity to participate. Make more activities like role play, choral speaking, sing along and other. These types of activities will encourage even the laziest to participate in the activity and gain some
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