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Claude Monet and His Art
When artwork from the period based on Impressionism is discussed the one artist that is mentioned the most is Claude Monet. He was born in Paris, France in 1840. Like so many other artists before him Monet was not born into a wealthy family. Usually it is the hardships and struggles that have created the very best artists.
What is in a name?
The Monet family was Catholic and they taught their religion to their son at an early age. When Claude Monet was baptized he was given the name Oscar-Claude and his parents always called him Oscar. The reason for this was that his father was also known as Claude. Of course we know that others attach the junior to the son’s name. As an artist he became known as Claude Monet.
Wasn’t religious
Even though he was raised strictly as a Catholic
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Most of his drawings at that time were caricatures of his school teachers. As time went on his school books were filled with his drawings. When the Monet family moved to Le Havre, Claude became famous for the drawings he created of the town’s residents. However while others delighted in his artistic talent his father hated his son’s drawings and his creativity. He wanted his son to one day join him in his grocery business. I suppose most every father hopes his son will follow in his footsteps. Luckily for Claude his mother loved and supported his artistic endeavors.
The military and typhoid
Claude Monet’s mother died when he was 17 and he was sent away to live with his aunt so that he could pursue an education in art in Paris, France. Even though this presented him with a great opportunity he chose to join the military in 1859. He agreed to serve for seven years however in his second year in the military he came down with a bad case of typhoid fever. His aunt pleaded for the military to release Monet and they agreed on the condition that he completes an art course at an accredited art school.
Hating modern
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