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What is the clicker training dogs
This easy to use device will allow you to teach your dog all necessary. The principle of operation is to promote the proper dog behavior , precisely at the time when it was committed. This is a very important point - to signal the clicker time , the dog clearly recognized for what it is praised. This device allows you to have a dog and a man to understand each other without words. By clicking the clicker, you 're talking about the dog: "I like what you are doing at the moment, so you deserve a promotion." This is called positive reinforcement.

Plus dog training using such a device is that your dog impact behavior is minimized - comes first dog initiative . On this basis, we can speak of a high degree of memorability learned
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Used also in the training of service dogs;

- If you want to work with a dog standard commands;

- Clicker training is suitable for both very young puppies , and is already quite an adult dog - of course, in each case it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the dog.

How to use a clicker in training and education of dogs

1. "Click" should be associated in the dog with something nice - it might be her favorite treat, verbal encouragement, kindness, walk.

2. Start training using a "click" with the simplest of actions , for example, encourage the dog came up to you, touched hands, held out his paw, etc.

3. Remember the rule: one promotion - one "click". If you want to show the dog that you are particularly pleased to any of its action, increase the portion of delicacies, but not the number of clicks.

4. Train the dog regularly . Much more good will short sessions of 10 minutes, but every day than the hourly lessons, as well as the dog 's attention tends to wear

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