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Cliff Jumping at Smith Lake If you think jumping off a diving board is fun, you should try cliff jumping. At the end of the summer (2015) my family and I went to Smith Lake, Alabama. We had heard about this beautiful lake from some friends of ours who had went recently and loved it. After we had heard about the lake once we kept hearing about it more and more. Nothing ever said about the lake was bad, so my mom decided to look it up. From the pictures it seemed like a super fun vacation spot so we decided to book a lake house and try it out!

We were almost to Smith Lake and we ride across this huge bridge over the lake. The pictures from the internet were beautiful but, seeing the lake in person was awesome. We all got even more excited.
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We hopped right into the boat and did some tubing and wake boarding. That night we all came back to the house and grilled out. Everyone was worn out just within 4 hours and we went straight to sleep.

The second day was even more fun! When we woke up we were so ready to get on the boat and do it again. We ate breakfast and went straight to the boat. When our friends told us about the lake they told us that the lake had huge cliffs. My sister and I had been dying to go cliff jumping. As we rode down the 68 mile long lake looking for some cliffs to jump off we enjoyed looking at the beautiful scenery. The water was so clear you could even see your toes when you looked down. Once we found the cliffs, we didn 't realize how high they would be. I think my sister and I were both a little nervous.

When we got to the top of the cliff it seemed 10 times higher than it did from the ground. I kind of forced myself to jump off, so we counted to three and jumped. Jumping off the cliff was one of the best feelings in the world. We fell and then we felt the cool splash of water hit us. It was so fun! We did about 20 more times after that and my parent had to force us to come back to the boat so we could go home. We crashed again when we got home dreaming about the bigger cliffs we could find
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