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Is climate change a natural or human induced phenomenon?
Climate change refers to the increase of the Earth’s atmosphere. Many believe that it is human induced and some believe that it is natural caused. Climate change can be affected by natural causes. An example of this is volcanic activity. Once the volcanoes erupt, they release particles and gases into the air; sulphur dioxide is one of them and it causes acid rain. Climate change can also be human induced. For instance, burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and this causes our atmosphere to be thicker, trapping heat (2&3). Burning fossil fuels for energy will have a great impact on our atmosphere; because our atmosphere is getting warmer, glaciers are melting and it is causing sea levels to rise. Arctic creatures are also suffering; because they are already adapted to cold temperatures, they will not be able to withstand hot temperatures that is why they are becoming extinct (4).

We can see in this graph
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As sea-surface temperature increases, ocean water will continually get warmer. Subsequently, if sea-surface temperature keeps rising, this will result in more heat being released to the atmosphere; therefore, the heat released will lead to constant and heavy tropical storms (17&25).
If ocean temperatures increases over time, it will not only affect human lives but will also affect coral reefs. A change in the ocean’s temperature will affect the coral reef’s growth; fishes and other marine mammals are also at risk (21).
The graph demonstrates how sea-surface temperature is increasing throughout the years. In 1850, the anomaly was approximately -0.2 degrees Celsius, in 1940, it has increased to 0.2 degrees and finally, in 2000 it has increased again, to 0.4 degrees Celsius. We can see here how sea-surface temperature in the country has increased rapidly from 1850 to

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