Essay On Climate Change In Pakistan

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Climate change is a substantial change in Earth’s climate that lasts for an extended period of time. Factors contributing to climate changes are now more related to human activities which alters the composition of global atmosphere. One of the harmful greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide which emits in the atmosphere at a very large amount now. It is due to the mankind activities that include growing industrialization, burning of fossil fuels and unnoticeable deforestation. Thus, climate change is a greatest threat to mankind with profound consequences for socio-economic factors such as energy consumption, food production, and security and health problems. The problem of climatic change is global in its cause. The emission of large amount of…show more content…
Climate change will not only affect the production of agricultural commodities but also disturbs the economic steadiness affecting the supply and demand balance of agriculture commodities, profitability, trade and prices of these commodities (Kaiser and Drennen, 1993). This evidence shows that climate change will affect the crop production directly. Pakistan being an agro-based country as 47% of people rely on agriculture not only for employment, but also for food. Since agriculture sector contributes to 24% to the GDP of Pakistan is highly affected by the changes in temperature rising and rainfalls. A rise by 3 degrees by 2040 and up to 5-6 degrees is forecast in temperature by the end of the century. Agricultural productivity of Pakistan not only declines from high temperature but also from droughts, huge flooding and from soil degradation, which is an outcome of temperature variability. This results in shortage of food for the people who are completely dependent on agriculture. Climate change poses serious threats to even farmers in Pakistan who live in isolated, marginal areas such as mountains, dry lands and deserts areas who are deficient in natural
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