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Language is a tool of treatment
Language is considered a crucial human phenomenon without which it is almost impossible for a social human being to go even for a single day. We have languages therefore we are human beings.
Nowadays, language is not only a medium of communication but also as technological advancement in the 21st century it is used as a tool of treatment like medicine. I am not kidding. Let’s start with a story.
When Bob Dylan nominated for Nobel prize, one of English newspapers titled as “cool as a cucumber” but a Bangladeshi newspaper translated it into Bangla as ‘শশার মতো ঠান্ডা’।In fact, it’s not the concern of clinical linguist. But, if a student writes ‘শ…স…অ…অ র, ম..ত টা ন..ঢা’ then he may take it under consideration as a patient of dysgraphia (i.e., writing problems).
Clinical linguistics is a branch of applied linguistics which deals with linguistics theory to the field of speech and language pathology (SLP). The title ‘clinical linguistics’ itself indicates the inclusion of clinical and linguistics two terms used in two different academic traditions- as a discipline clinical linguistics mostly welcomes many research topics selected from both linguistics and medicine which consequently help to describe, analyze and treat the language disability (e.g., aphasia, alexia, apraxia, dysarthria) in all its
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A central issue for linguistics students is the notion of normal language and its relationship with language variation. By its consideration of atypical language data, and its perspective on the continuum of normal to atypical language behaviour, clinical linguistics provides a perspective on what is normal and how one might set about making judgements of normality and normal

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