Essay On Cliques In Middle School

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aitlin Surman
CIME 3375
Professor Burt
September 21, 2015

Caught Up in a Clique

Students in middle school can be very brutal to each other. A main issue that students have problems with is cliques. These groups of students are visible in mostly every middle school in any location. Many of the cliques people hear problems about are the female cliques. Girls can be so hard on each other and even themselves. Another factor that can cause some tension for middle school students is different races combining together in a clique. Each person has their own beliefs and their own way they grew up and sometimes if other people are not aware of a culture unlike their own, some mistakes will be made. Cliques lead to many problems for most students in middle school because of the harsh
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In middle school it can be hard to actually find people who are going to be true friends because in reality, the other students are still trying to figure themselves out too. One day they are an independent person and the next day they are the total opposite. Race can also have an impact on friendships in middle school. A study performed in 2012 gathered a pleather of information about how race can affect a friendship. Some conflict can occur from these relationships, it just depends on which types of relationships are formed. “It is possible that interracial friendships are characterized by more conflict, especially for Black and Latino youth, because of different cultural attitudes about conflict within social relationships,” (McGill R, Way N, Hughes D, 2012, p. 732). Cultures are all different and each student does not know what each culture believes and practices. As a future teacher I plan on making my students more aware of the other cultures in the state and even in the local community. When I started my education courses I was asked to guess how many different languages are spoken in public school in Texas and the amount was huge. I

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