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Tension Pneumothorax happens when the air has become trapped between the lungs and the rib cage, which is called the pleural space. As the pleural space fills the lungs it not able to expand which causes the lung to collapse. After the lung collapses the air from one side begins to push to the functioning lung causing the working lung to function harder than usual. The pleural space can obtain oxygen through either a closed pneumothorax or through an open pneumothorax. Tension pneumothorax occurs after a closed pneumothorax or an open pneumothorax has been left untreated. A closed pneumothorax is common in patients who have a punctured lung, but not at penetrating wound to the air from the lungs flows into the pleural space causing air to build-up. An open pneumothorax occurs when there has been a punctured through the chest wall that leaves a wound that allows air in. Neither a closed or open pneumothorax can be life-threatening, but they can lead to a tension pneumothorax which is a very serious condition and cause death if not treated quickly.…show more content…
The pleural space begins to fill causing the-the mediastinum to maneuver around, which can lead to disruption of the airflow and pulmonary circulation. Once the air circulation is disrupted the patient begins to compensate. Tension pneumothorax can be misleading if not realizing to symptoms. A patient with tension pneumothorax is going to have chest pain caused by the lung collapsing. The patient will experience respiratory distress causing the patient to breath faster because they are not getting the proper amount of oxygen, respiratory distress can lead to altered mental status and diminished breath

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